Matt’s open source programming

Just wanted to point out a project that I have started called snippet knowledge base – yes I have too much free time in Brisbane. Check it out here. It’s basically a system for storing little pieces (snippets) of knowledge. It uses PHP and a mysql backend. So far not completely finished, but it’s a chance to improve my programming skills and contribute to the open source community at the same time. I will put a link in my links list also.

Matt’s Google Earth Photos

I’ve added a link on the right that will bring up my photo contributions to google earth. Check it out and tell me what you think. You will need google earth installed to see my photo’s overlayed on the world – go here to download and install

If you have google earth installed – check here to launch google earth and overlay my photos –> (Make sure you press Open when the dialog appears).

How I setup this website

Everybody keeps asking me how I setup this website. Here’s the low-down:

I found a web hosting provider that was dirt cheap, which happens to be in the USA. It supports mysql, php, mod_rewrite, etc, etc. They are called 3ix. It only cost me around $45 AUS for around 20 GB of space and the domain name for the entire year! I found that overseas web hosting is cheaper and they provide more functionality as well. So far, performance is great also.

My website is broken into two section. Section first is the blogging section that you are reading now and I used an open source package called Simple PHP Blog. I search far and wide for this and I found a friend of mine is also using it and it work’s well (refer to Greg + Andrea website).

There is probably a million steps in between that I didn’t mention, but they come naturally to me. There is probably a whole book that I could write on the subject.