Happy new Financial Year + Next-G Apple iPhone

Just thought I would wish everybody a happy new financial year. I would give everybody a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month, but I’m a little remote in Brisbane. I hope this financial year helps bring all your financial dreams come true. I wish you all the biggest tax returns ever 😉

Also, I thought I would plug Telstra. Seeming they recently plugged my blogging site on their intranet. The much talked about Apple iPhone is coming to Next G soon! This should be really good running on Next G. More information here –> http://www.telstra.com.au/nextgnetwork/iphone.htm?ti=TR-newhandsets-t.com-292×163


PortableApps for your USB Drive

I’ve recently discovered some interesting software that enables you to run programs like firefox, thunderbird and filezilla from your USB drive without having to install the application on your PC. You can take just your USB drive and plug it into any windows PC and still be able to access your application. It’s awesome! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now – they even have a portable firefox 3.0 already! Check it out here –> http://portableapps.com/

Firefox 3 is here!

Firefox version 3 is finally here. I’ve been waiting a while for this. I’ve already got it loaded up and it seems to be quicker than the previous version. Apparently it has 15,000 impovements on the previous version. I’m not going to count them.

Hacking and word press blogging

In case your wondering why my site looks a little different, it appears that some bad code worked it’s way into my old site and I was marked as a bad site by google, avg etc. Really annoying, so I’ve had to revamp the site by removing all code and starting again. This time instead of using phpblog I’m using the much more impressive wordpress – check it out here. WordPress Website