Get ready for ‘Interstellar’ with these TED Talks

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Since the first teaser in 2013, we’ve been in countdown mode for Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s new outer-space epic that promises to blast us through space and time. It opened today in limited release; if you’re as excited as we are but can’t clear three hours until the weekend to go see the whole movie, here are a few TED Talks that relate to the plot points we could figure out from obsessively watching trailers.

The story begins on an earth devastated by drought and climate change. Dystopian, but unless we take action, we’re heading there in reality too. In this talk, Jonathan Foley makes a case for “terrafarming” — thinking of the planet’s food systems as one big connected whole.

Meanwhile Gavin Schmidt shows us how emergent global patterns are causing our climate to get less predictable (scary, but they make hypnotizing GIFs).

And … I don’t know…

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