What’s it’s like to go ludicrous speed

Tesla Model S

I went for a test drive in a Tesla Model S in Sydney on Thursday last. This was the high-performance version (P100D) which can go from 0km to 100km is 2.7 seconds. I got the opportunity to try that and I must say I have never felt such acceleration in my life.

This car really took off. I’m finding it quite difficult to explain the sensation, other than thinking about a rollercoaster – you know the type where you leave your stomach somewhere at the top of the ride.

gray roller coaster taken under white clouds

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

When you hit the accelerator there is literally no delay in the car response. Not like a traditionally motor where you are waiting for a compressed explosion to occur to drive pistons to make the car move forward and no gear changing either. Just raw electric power straight to the electric engines.

I’m considering putting my name down for a Tesla Model 3 which is still probably a couple of years away arriving in Australia.

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