My first React Native App – Android & IOS

React Native App - Android & IOS

React Native App – Android & IOS

Today I built my first React Native app for both Android and IOS. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to create web front-end applications with React, so being able to use that same knowledge to build mobile apps is extremely helpful. And the best part is, with React Native I can reuse most (if not all) of the code with either IOS and Android apps. As I have mentioned previously, reusability is key to profitability Reactive Native enables the same codebase to be used without having to start from scratch for each different platform. That makes it extremely flexible for use on real customer projects, who usually require both an Android and IOS implementations.

Now I’m going to go and implement a couple of app ideas I have. It should be fun!

React Native Code

React Native Code


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