Internet to hit 3 billion users in 2015

The financial times has an interesting article about the internet having 3 billion users by 2015. Even though we constantly talking about living in a connected and global world, I find it interesting that we still have less than 50% of of the world population connected to the Internet. Some say that the Internet was the biggest and most influential invention of the 20th century. If that’s the case, imagine what it would be like when the other 4 billion people start using it too. It’s all too easy when you belong to a society¬†where the Internet is so seemingly ubiquitous,¬†to forget that the majority of the planet are not users of the Internet.

My prediction for the future in 30 years time

Having a new daughter has made me think about what kind of a world she will be living in when she is my age in 30+ years times (ha ha notice I didn’t give away my age). Here are some of my predictions:

1. Automated driving and traffic management. Public transport will be completely different with your personal car becoming part of the public transport system.

2. Working from the office will be the abnormal and working at home the normal.

3. 9am-5pm x 5 days a week will not exist anymore – in fact full-time employment will be a thing on the past with everybody working on contract for 1 or more employers at once.

4. Embedded phone and communications equipment into your body. Google glass might be wearable now, but imagine having the same display embedded permanently in your eyes.

5. People will be living on the moon and exploring Mars.

6. China will be the new super power of the world trumping the USA. I wonder if the NSA is reading my blog and already creating a file on me. Bugger, now they definitely are!

7. Substantial breakthroughs in health – cancer will be solved with a single pill. You will be able to change your gene’s if something is defective. It will be normal to live to at least 120 years old and hopefully a pill will be available to slow down or even stop aging.

What do other people think?