Tower of London Poppies

Here are some photos I took a few weeks before the last poppy was planted on the 11th of Nov around the tower of London. When finished the display had 888,246 poppies – one poppy for every British fatality in the First World War. The display is already being dismantled, so I was glad to have seen it. More information can be found here 

Lest We Forget….

.Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies Tower of London poppies

Lamborghini batman car

I was walking around Sydney a few weeks back and accidentally found a display of these Lamborghini’s from the newest Batman movies. I just thought I would share them with the world. Taken with my iPhone 4S camera. I vaguely remember the cars on batman begins – didn’t Bruce Wayne crash one? Or was that a different car – not sure.


Batman was pulled over by the police once – looks like a different car though.[yframe url=’’%5D

Opensource photo stitcher – Hugin

I’ve always used Photoshop for stitching together photos for my panorama’s, however I’ve been having trouble with it lately for some unknown reason.

So I went on a search through the web and found an opensource program called Hugin.

So far, so good and it’s extremely easy to use. Best of all it’s free! I’m uising the Windows 64-bit version and there is also a Mac OS version too (I haven’t tried the Mac version yet).

Here is a panorama I created using Hugin with 12 images stitched together. It took me around 5 minutes to do.





22inch Acer LCD Widescreen Monitor (Cheap Hardware)

I’ve finally got sick to death of my crap monitor at work and decide to take matters into my own hands (or wallet) and buy myself a new monitor. Computer hardware is so cheap! I got a 22inch Acer LCD Wide-screen monitor for $205 (after a $59 cash back). How good is that? It’s not a bad screen either. I think the cashback finished on 30th of June (sorry I didn’t tell you all sooner 😦 ). I purchased it from umart ( in Milton down the river from our place – it’s the cheapest place in Brisbane for hardware next to msy ( Storage is cheap too – I’m now storing every photography I’ve ever taken on my 500GB drive (don’t worry I have DVD backups too). Did you know I have around 40,000 photo’s? And that’s just the one’s I kept!

Matt’s Google Earth Photos

I’ve added a link on the right that will bring up my photo contributions to google earth. Check it out and tell me what you think. You will need google earth installed to see my photo’s overlayed on the world – go here to download and install

If you have google earth installed – check here to launch google earth and overlay my photos –> (Make sure you press Open when the dialog appears).