New Microsoft search Engine –

There is a new microsoft search engine called Bing ( It’s still in beta but it looks pretty good (or pretty). Here’s a screen shot:

Bing Screen Shot

Bing Screen Shot

I “binged” myself (I guess that’s a new term) and found my panaramio pictures on the first link.

The video searching looks pretty good too. It will display a thumbnail of the results and if you put your cursor over it, you can watch it directly out of the search results page.

Only time will tell if Microsoft can make a dent on Google though.

This website has moved

You probably didn’t notice, but this website has moved from a US based hosting provider to an Australian hosting provider. A year ago when the Australian dollar was almost at parity with the US dollar it was really cheap to host websites overseas, but now with the dollar much lower, it’s become pretty much the same price to host in Australia. So I decided to invest in Australia instead. At least the money might help somebody in Australia to stay in employment over the next year.

Hacking and word press blogging

In case your wondering why my site looks a little different, it appears that some bad code worked it’s way into my old site and I was marked as a bad site by google, avg etc. Really annoying, so I’ve had to revamp the site by removing all code and starting again. This time instead of using phpblog I’m using the much more impressive wordpress – check it out here. WordPress Website