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On This Day - August 24, 2006 - Pluto is no longer a planet.
On August 24, 2006, Pluto was excluded from the list of planets of the solar system and classified as a dwarf planet. Poor little Pluto - don't worry - you might be downgraded, but we won't forget you! In the solar system, there are now only 8 planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, ...
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On This Day - August 21, 1932 - First International Film Festival.
The first international film festival took place in Venice on August 21, 1932...
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On This Day - August 20, 1896 - Rotary Dial Telephone.
On August 20, 1896, the Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange Company submitted a patent application for the Telephone Rotary Dial. Does anybody remember the days of the rotary dial telephone - I sure do!...
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On This Day - August 17, 1903 - Pulitzer Prize Established.
On August 17, 1903, the Pulitzer Prize was established in the United States - one of the most prestigious awards in the United States in literature, journalism, music, and theatre. The award is named after newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, who donated money to Columbia University to establish the...
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Today is Roller Coaster Day!
You should have fun celebrating! 🙂...
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August 15, 1769, Napoleon I Bonaparte was Born.
On August 15, 1769, the great emperor of France and the brilliant commander Napoleon I Bonaparte, known throughout the world for his military exploits and reforms, was born....
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